when?12 Mar 202003:00 PM-05:00 PM

Cyber security is something that concerns all - no matter the industry or company-size. We believe many companies would benefit from receiving insight on the Internet threats of a digital era, as many companies have several Internet facing assets or even offer digital services as their core value proposition, which make them vulnerable to cyberattacks on the Internet.

The purpose of the event is to shed light on how an Internet attack can affect your business - and have major consequences for your operations, profit and reputation. Our team will do so by performing a live Internet attack towards a website (among others a volumetric DDoS attack) in real-time during the event. Guests will get the chance to follow how a threat protection service can detect and mitigate the attack before it causes any harm. The attack will be just like any attack happening daily, by the hour, all over the Internet and we aim to share knowledge and understanding of how the threat landscape is shaped today, and how your company can stay protected.

Link to join webinar: https://zoom.us/j/101518764