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A targeted DDoS attack towards the connection point between your employees and the digital workspace service could quickly limit or potentially immobilize the complete remote workforce from your corporate applications. And with the ongoing global situation, there is no saying for how long you will have to keep your business working from home.

"What we currently see is that many companies are naive when naming their services and solutions. If looking up DNS name tags for any major company, it's way too easy to locate which IP addresses represent crucial connection points for that specific company. It's not uncommon that the connection for a digital workspace solution is named "VPN", "remote" or "gateway". That is sort of like hanging a sign on the backdoor of a bank with the word "unlocked" - so like asking for trouble." says our founder Joakim Sundberg.

Let us suggest a solution.

Our Internet based threat protection can secure these sensitive elements which provides remote employee access, so that you can get the peace-of-mind of knowing that the digital workspace availability is secured from Internet-based attacks at all times. Our threat protection service mitigates any application och network layer attack and can be turned on within hours, without any onsite equipment or installations required.

Currently no room for the extra cost? No worries. We currently offer 90 days usage of our Internet threat protection free of charge - no matter of company size, industry or sector - so that you can leverage the strengths of using a digital workspace and without needing to worry about the connection access point being vulnerable. The situation with COVID-19 is bad enough and cybercrime should not make it worse.

Contact us today if you want to activate the Internet Threat Protection for your business, and we’ll have you set up within hours using these four simple steps:

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