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We have created a number of feeds in different formats available for download on our website. The free version feed is updated daily at 10 am UTC and contains the top 300 most active IP’s we have been tracking the last 24hrs. The formats we currently publish the feeds in are, CSV, JSON and F5 IPI format. The feeds are derived out of several hundred millions events daily that we analyze and they include everything from malware, portscans and credential staffing to spam and application attacks.

We believe everyone gains from increasing knowledge and insight when it comes to cybersecurity. We started with Threat Insight, a free to use IP lookup service, and this is another important step towards an industry with more transparent and comprehensive tools available. Threat data is key for optimizing our product, and the data which also can be used by companies everywhere to improve their own protection and simplify decision-making, we gladly give back to the community.

The feeds can be downloaded for free on links below and you can learn more about the data here.







If you want to get access to the full version of threat feed for usage in your own products or services, please contact sales@baffinbaynetworks.com.

Joakim Sundberg