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Just this month, BBN launched version 2.0 of its cyber threat protection solution, with specific enhancements designed to assist the partner community to more easily engage and protect their own clients.

SMSAM delivers proven, proactive, practical, comprehensive and cost-effective cyber security controls to help organizations avoid breaches. In recent years and, backed by the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigative report, over 42% of reported breaches and compromises were as a result of exploitation vulnerabilities in Web applications. As a result, SMSAM Systems turned to BBN for a solution that provides the best protection, instant threat insights and reporting, at an affordable cost.

“Partnering with an expert security company that has consolidated very disparate and fragmented security solutions into a simple to use cloud native offering, in order to deliver proven cyber-security to my customers across the African continent, makes perfect sense for us” says Sunday McDickson Samuel, CEO of SMSAM Systems Ltd.

“We are thrilled to welcome Sunny and his team to the Baffin Bay partner program. Giving our MSSP community the ability to better manage their brand, support their client relationships, and build a stronger business for themselves, is beneficial for everyone involved,” says Sales Director of Baffin Bay Networks, Steve Smith.

While the task of maintaining a strong cybersecurity posture can be cumbersome and cost intensive, Baffin Bay Networks’ goal is to provide their customers with the tools necessary to fully protect themselves from any instance of an attack. We eliminate the need for intensive training or consulting and we empower the business user with instant security maturity, delivered from the cloud.

Baffin Bay’s Threat Protection Services are used by enterprises and small to medium sized businesses across the globe to help manage and mitigate the increasing risk of cyberattacks.