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By integrating the portal, the cloud-based solution from Baffin Bay Networks, and the Fortinet FortiDDoS on-premise solution, the customer networks will be protected against all types of Denial of Service attacks. The combined solution enables cloud-based mitigation for attacks that are larger than your available Internet bandwidth, ensuring clean traffic without filling the pipes of the on-premise solution, and in doing so improving efficiency

Another feature with the hybrid solution is that the portal and your on-premise FortiDDoS can communicate to learn and act on events discovered by either product. When one or more conditions are met, your traffic can be routed through the portal cloud service automatically for the duration of the attack. The portal learns your traffic patterns by analyzing flow data from your existing network infrastructure and applying advanced machine learning to generate a custom traffic model for your organization. Even when you aren’t under attack, the portal delivers continuous value by providing visibility into both traffic and threat data.

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