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Baffin Bay Networks is a Swedish startup that assists their customers to mitigate an ever increasing amount of sophisticated attacks against their networks, such as Distributed denial of service and application level attacks. As enterprises move their operations to the cloud, security of the applications and underlying data is a top priority. Equinix enables Baffin Bay Networks to assist customers in their cloud transformation by providing fast and reliable direct connections to the cloud providers. Customers looking to secure the cloud no longer need to sacrifice speed and availability for security.

As the leading global interconnection and data center provider, Equinix, enables Baffin Bay Networks to leverage its global platform of more than 185 data centers to provide services to more than 9,500 businesses around the world. With this global presence, the Baffin Bay Networks Threat Protection Centers™ enables customers to secure their applications wherever they reside. By using Interconnection through Equinix, customers get traffic routed back directly through high performing direct connections. Today, Baffin Bay Networks has Threat Protection Centers™ around the globe, including New York, Stockholm and Amsterdam.

Joakim Sundberg, CEO and Founder of Baffin Bay Networks, says in a statement:

“We’ve been able to develop the most sophisticated Threat Protection Centers™ in the world leveraging cutting edge technologies. This empowers us to help protect customers against a wide range of attacks that would normally get missed or still cause harm to the organisation.

Equinix helps us to distribute our Threat Protections Centers™ on a global scale. This is critical for us and our customers as application threats are evolving.”

Joakim adds: “We offer sufficient capacity and functionality to consume and block network and application-based attacks detected by our deep learning and machine learning components. Each Threat Protection Center™ is equipped with functionality to deal with both clear-text data and encrypted data.”

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