1:00 PM

Baffin Bay Networks, the cloud-native cybersecurity experts, today announced the latest version of their threat protection service, which will provide cybersecurity partners of all sizes the ability to deliver advanced cloud-based threat protection with full control and branding without upfront investment. The user portal of Baffin Bay’s Threat Protection Service 2.0, has been redesigned with the customer in mind to include an additional 1.5 Tbps of capacity and a scalable, containerized backend with micro-services.

In a recent report by Market Research Future, the managed security services market is predicted to expand to 34 Billion USD by the year 2022. This shift from hardware investments to cloud services highlights a new managed security service provider (MSSP) model which includes partners of all sizes, not only the largest system integrators or Internet Service Providers. This growth provides Baffin Bay a strong opportunity to leverage their Threat Protection Service for organizations lacking the capital or expertise needed to deal with today’s increasingly complex cybersecurity threats.

Version 2.0 of Baffin Bay’s Threat Protection Service builds on its capabilities, providing multi-tenant support, which allows MSSPs to resell the service while still managing it themselves. This ability to rebrand gives MSSPs the power to make the service completely theirs, increasing their value and revenue. The solution also offers revenue sharing with MSSPs and OEM support built in, enabling partners to independently manage their customer lifecycle without sharing the brand. The platform’s updated interface allows users to learn from the portal and demystify threats and attacks in order to improve performance, availability and security.

“Giving MSSPs the ability to better manage their brand, support their client relationships, and build a stronger business is beneficial for everyone involved,” says Sales Director of Baffin Bay Networks, Steve Smith. “While the task of maintaining a strong cybersecurity posture can be cumbersome and cost intensive, our goal is to provide companies with the tools necessary to fully protect themselves from any instance of an attack. By increasing the end user’s ability to digest and understand the information to make these decisions, we eliminate the need for intensive training or consulting and empower the business user.”

Baffin Bay’s Threat Protection Services are used by enterprises and small to medium sized businesses across the globe to help manage and mitigate the increasing risk of cyberattacks. In February of 2019, Baffin Bay Networks acquired Loryka, a U.S. based data security provider, bringing threat intelligence and early attack detection expertise into their threat protection services. Through the acquisition the company continues to expand their reach offering increased value to customers by providing an unrivaled threat protection service to help keep businesses safe.