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“Were you the last person to hear about the recent Apple root access issue? As I sit here writing this, every possible news outlet is talking about it. My feeds are absolutely full of this one story from 9to5mac to Popular Mechanics offering their take. This kind of wide reporting on a security issue is obviously not standard. A quick search on the CVE database shows 992 vulnerabilities cataloged this month. Are all equally important? Obviously not, but I’d bet that some of them affect your assets.

Staying up to date with security is not a passive pursuit. There are an uncountable number of software packages, each with their corresponding bugs and vulnerabilities. If you wait for it to hit your local newspaper, you’ll be reading yesterday’s (or last weeks, more likely) news. If you really want to stay on top of things, you need to spend about 5-6 minutes a day on it. Timely knowledge of ongoing security threats and patching can prevent hours of downtime and headache. I’d say it’s time well invested.”

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