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“With systems and staff being pushed to the upper ends and the sales rolling in, many retailers may find that this “best day ever” is also the time they are the most vulnerable. Having lots of traffic to your website on Black Friday is a good thing - on the other side, a malicious DDoS attack will be easier to execute on that day since it takes less effort on the attacker’s side to push your site past its limits. Not being prepared can have fatal consequences.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become two of the most important sales days of the year for retail companies, that can make or break the yearly figures. Cyber criminals take advantage of these holiday sales days in a different way - targeting websites at the time of peak demand. Security teams are stretched to their limits and attacks can be hidden more easily and networks can be accessed unnoticed. DDoS can be used either as a ransom i.e. “Pay up and we’ll stop” or as a smokescreen - while you’re busy focusing on the loud, volumetric attack, they sneak in the back door, installing malware to steal your data.”

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