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Kambi is the leading supplier of online and land-based Sportsbooks to the regulated sports gambling and gaming industry. They provide scalable, unique and high-quality sports betting experiences to some of the biggest brands in the industry, mainly in the US and in Europe. Kambi's Sportsbook comes with a range of managed services to ensure their customer’s sports betting business can thrive. For Kambi, cyber security is crucial in two ways. They are continuously protecting their own digital assets but are also globally protecting the data of their customers. Kambi is using the full suite of threat protection services from BBN.

“The cyber threat protection we get from Baffin Bay is really important to our business. Since pretty much all gambling companies are targets and we need a solution that we can trust. We use both the BGP network protection and the proxy protection for Layer 7 filtering across several ingest points, since we have a lot of global traffic. We appreciate the combination of a really reliable yet user friendly threat protection service. The interface allows you to both look into specific and complex details and also understand the bigger picture.” says Kris Saw, IT-operations manager at Kambi.

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