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"The YourPDi app is a cloud based service and the data needs to be protected. Security is essential since our customers should be able to store data of any nature and level of sensitivity, without ever having to worry about cyber threats. Baffin Bay has a good solution for threat protection and DDoS attack protection. That is a key to making our service a success." says Patricia Ingemarsson, Co-founder, CTO of YourPDi.

YourPDi is a consumer-oriented user-friendly app. The founders started YourPDi because they were tired of looking for personal information that has gone missing over time. They wanted to create one place for all important information. It could be the receipt for a stolen bike, log-in credentials while booking a flight or the password to Netflix. YourPDi also lets you keep track of grades, vaccines, insurances etc. The cloud-based application is created by a team of app developers with a thorough experience in building Fintech applications. The codex is security and integrity, and that is something we at Baffin Bay Networks can vouch for. We value that YourPDi enables people to easily store their private information in a safe way not only at work, but also at home, right in their smartphones.

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